About Us


Hello and welcome to Pebuk.com, the premiere website for all things phone accessories and more. My name is Anthony Ettinger. I live and operate out of Capitola, California. I have dedicated myself to growing and running successful internet businesses for the past twenty years. Pebuk is one of my current projects.

What is Pebuk?

Pebuk is the go-to marketplace on the internet for phone cases, wallets, smartwatches and smartwatch accessories, bluetooth speakers and other devices, headphones, and more. Pebuk was founded on the idea of offering quality products at affordable prices.We have a wide variety of products, many of which come in several different designs, colors, or aesthetics. We also offer reasonably fast shipping and excellent customer care.


Here at Pebuk, your happiness is a top priority. We are available during normal PST business hours. Feel free to reach out via email: support@pebuk.com or call Anthony at +1 (408) 656-2473 if you have any questions.